Himi Chauhan January 31, 2019

Class 10 plays a significant role in an individual’s life. The career options of choosing science or commerce are based on the marks scored in the 10th standard. Therefore students need to score well to seek admission into the best science and commerce colleges. Below are some tips for students who are appearing for Maharashtra SSC Board.

Tip 1 – Say Bye To Distractions:

Arrange your study area in a clean, calm and peaceful place. Organize your study materials such as MSBSHSE textbooks, Maharashtra Board question papers, sample papers, notes, etc neatly on the table. Keep yourself busy with textbooks, exercise, meditation, healthy food and avoid distractions such as video games, mobile phones, etc.

Tip 2 – Time Dedication:

Whenever you are studying Maharashtra SSC Boardexam, keep a syllabus copy as well as exam released date sheet ready. You should plan and create a study time table accordingly. Figure out the difficult and easy subjects, analyze how much time each subject would require to complete the first round of study.

Tip 3 – Make Points To Remember:

Make use of sticky notes, flash cards to note the important points. For a subject like maths try to maintain a sperate book with a list of formulas, derivations, theorems. For a subject like science, it is always good to practice neat labeled biological diagrams, circuit diagrams, chemical formula, structure, and reactions. Also, highlighting the important points in the MSBSHSE textbooks will help you during the revision phase.

Tip 4 – Revise To Perfection:

Finish the first round of study weeks before your Maharashtra SSC Boardexamination as you need to dedicate enough time to revise. Without revision, your preparation is said to be incomplete. You can revise the various concepts in different subjects with the help of notes created during the first round of study. This phase will help you analyze your preparation level.

Tip 5 – Increase Your Confidence:

On completing your revision, you can take up online tests or practice MSBSHSE sample papers, question papers. This will help you get the idea about the time you take to complete question paper and you will also get to know the different types that appear in the exam.

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