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So let’s give you the quick SEO tips for your site to be rated highly by Google and other search engines:

  • The title of your site is what is in the browser tab:

The site title in the browser tab

Also featured on the Google results page and other engines:

How to create a site: The site title on Google

It has fundamental value to optimize your page. Try to keep it below 60 characters and use the most important content keyword.


The URL is the address of your page and is also shown on the Google results page:

  • The website URL on Google

Same as the title’s recommendation: Don’t let it exceed 60 characters and, whenever possible, use the most important keyword in the content.


Believe me, you need a keyword strategy.Search and define the keywords your audience is looking for during the buying journey and produce content focused on those terms.This attracts interested people who can become customers. For the mtnid verified sites you can have the perfect option now.


An important factor of SEO is your page gaining quality links.The more sites that link to your content, the more Google will understand that your content is relevant to users . As a result, your position in search results tends to improve.

There are several strategies for getting these links. Let’s go over some?

Tips for getting quality links

Backlinks (links from other domains pointing to your site) remain the main influence for a page to rank well on Google.

But it’s not enough to gain links from many different domains. It is important that those domains that are referencing your content also have authority.

So the first tip is: never buy links from other sites. If a page is selling links, it’s only a matter of time before Google realizes this practice and starts penalizing that domain – and that, together with the pages linked to it.

If you want to spend money on digital marketing campaigns, it is preferable to advertise on Facebook Ads or Google Adwords.

To earn quality links, there are 3 simple tips:

Write great content

If the content of your site is relevant and quality, it will be linked by other pages. He may receive fewer links, but certainly visitors who come to your site through these links will be more qualified, potentially becoming leads or customers;

  • Comment on other sites linking to a page of your site , but only when your content is relevant. Never force irrelevant or unrelated content just to appear in the comments;
  • Partner content, exchanging links when relevant to the audience of both sites.
  • Overall, because websites tend to have more institutional material than blogs, they are likely to receive fewer links.

Still, it’s important to work on getting some quality links. They can make all the difference in competing for the top positions in Google search results.

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The power of content marketing to attract the right people.