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Learning style identification

Each person prefers a specific method of learning, so knowing the student about his learning method will help him to enhance the effectiveness of his learning, and from these methods the following: [1]

Auditory learning: Some students learn better through listening, as they go on to read the notes they have made aloud, discuss them with those around them, write the key points they contain, and repeat them continuously.

Kinetic learning: Some students have the ability to learn effectively through practical application, where they go to review the main points of their lessons through building models, such as role-playing.

Visual learning: Some students learn better through viewing, as they prefer to use colors, draw diagrams to clarify key points in their lessons, and focus on remembering information or ideas in the form of pictures.

Time Management

Many students resort to studying with a sense of urgency at the last minute, and this method is not effective in studying. Therefore, an appropriate study schedule must be established, in which the days for exams or performing the exams are determined, and based on that, the study time is properly and balanced, and that is all organized. Contributes to enjoyment during the study, [1] and some studies have indicated that the human brain is more active from 5-8 in the morning, and from 7-11 in the evening, and therefore study during this period is more effective, and the ability to memorize and remember is great , So you should focus on making use of this time at Achieving important activities. [2]

Record notes

Taking notes during the study is one of the best ways to understand, and this includes writing the main lines, tables, graphs, etc., and important points are taken only and not all that has been studied, as this may include writing a short and brief summary of the most important titles that have been studied, and this method is useful. More when exams are approaching, [3] notes are recommended to be written in order to facilitate reading when they are referred to, in addition to the importance of classifying notes sheets or tests according to their subject matter. [3]

General advice for the success of the study

You can follow some tips for success in the study, including the following: [3]

Divide study time into sessions for focus, where research has shown that this will improve performance and work, knowing that the duration of each study session is about 25 minutes.

Walking toward the place of study, walking helps increase creative thinking, and the skill to compare ideas. Fresh air with performing exercises helps increase focus and reduce symptoms of attention deficit disorder, if any.

The correct sitting position during the study is related to the ability to remember and learn efficiently, so it is preferable to study in a standing position, or to sit in front of the desk table instead of studying in a bed position for example.

Take some vitamin supplements after consulting your doctor, to maintain strength and mental vitality. [3]

Adequate sleep for at least 7 hours. [3]

Stay away from everything that causes distraction and dropout, such as Facebook. [3]


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