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Biology is a subject that explains the world around us, from the tiniest life forms to largest animals. It is a very vast subject that encompasses so many aspects of the natural world. Understandably, not everyone is inclined towards this subject due to many reasons. But from an academic perspective, a student cannot ignore this subject. Because if they do, then students might score lower grades or worst case scenario, they might fail.

The syllabus for CBSE is very vast, it has many hundreds of concepts and topics that are spread over a plethora of subjects. So, NCERT Solutions For Class 12 will help you understand and learn the most important questions for exams. Think of NCERT Solutions like a study tool, it is very beneficial during exam preparation and helps the student to identify and study relevant concepts with ease. So here are some study tips to help you score better in biology.

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Information Chunking

Big blocks of texts are rather difficult to comprehend. It takes time and effort to memorize and recall. Also, it induces unnecessary mental strain on students. Information chunking involves breaking down information in small chunks that can easily be memorized. This technique is beneficial as it makes the learning process very effective because students can recall short-pieces of information much more easily.

Place Emphasis on Diagrams

Diagrams are an integral part of biology and consequently, they are very important for scoring that last bit of marks. But drawing neat diagrams take time, and time is especially precious during an examination. But with enough practice, drawing neat diagrams becomes almost second nature. Furthermore, the overall presentation of answer scripts becomes very unique with the addition of neat diagrams.

In conclusion, these are some of the tips to score more marks in biology. Take your learning further by exploring the most frequently asked questions in exams through biology class 12 NCERT solutions on MY NCERT SOLUTIONS website.