Kimberly Stephens November 20, 2018

Scottish crime fiction is booming. Having seen a huge surge in popularity over recent years, the household names in Scottish crime writing, such as Ian Rankin and Quintin Jardine, are famous worldwide. Those authors are certainly not alone, crime fiction is a genre in which Scottish authors lead the way. Val McDermid, Mac Logan, Wendy H Jones, Peter James and others have put Scottish crime fiction on the map.

Not only do Scotland’s world-famous crime writers entertain and intrigue with detective novels and crime thrillers, they also explore aspects of Scottish culture and identity, through fiction and historical novels, varying widely in subject and scope.

Edinburgh continues to be a favourite setting for the crime solving endeavours of countless detectives. Glasgow too remains a hotbed for crime fiction, with Alex Gray’s The Darkest Goodbye a recent addition to the long list of excellent thrillers set in Glasgow. If you are ready for something different to the Edinburgh and Glasgow set thrillers, Stuart McBride’s Detective Sergeant McRae series fits the bill, with the latest novel in the series, In The Cold Dark, set in Aberdeenshire. For a real chill, Killer’s Craft by Wendy H Jones, delivers a blizzard of murders in snowbound Dundee.

Below, we’ve picked out just four of the best crime fiction releases set in Scotland, of recent years, each of which would make an excellent addition to your thriller bookshelf.

Out Of Bounds by Val McDermid

Val McDermid is very much one of the stellar names in Scottish crime writing. In the latest instalment of the Karen Pirie series, the lead detective of the Historic Case Unit reopens unsolved murder cases from 1994 and 1996. This Scottish crime novel is another pulsating Edinburgh set thrillers from one of the very best Scottish crime writers around today.

Rather Be The Devil by Ian Rankin

In Rather Be The Devil, the godfather of Scottish crime writers, Ian Rankin, pairs his two most famous detectives. In Rankins latest, John Rebus and Malcom Fox come up against infamous gangster, and Rebus arch enemy, Big Ger McCafferty.

The Law Killers: True Crimes From Dundee by Alexander McGregor

If you enjoy true crime books, True Crime From Dundee by journalist Alexander McGregor uncovers some of Scotland’s most fascinating cases. McGregor is uniquely placed to bring unique insights into the cases, which are at the same time chilling and compelling, having reported on many of them first-hand. If you are looking for a read that explores the darker aspects of Scottish society, this book is an intriguing addition to your bookshelf.

Absolute Proof by Peter James

For fans of Dan Brown, Absolute Proof is a standalone thriller that grips you until the very last page. Can investigative reporter Ross Hunter survive long enough to solve the greatest mystery of all? The false faith of a billionaire, a famous atheist’s life’s work and the credibility of the world’s great religions hang in the balance. Peter James is the number one best-selling author of the Detective Superintendent Roy Grace series.

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Above, we’ve picked out just four of the many excellent Scottish crime fiction books of the last few years. These books, and the many others which feature in the best-seller lists of bookstores around the world, show that publishing is very much alive and well in Scotland.

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