Himi Chauhan February 23, 2018

Some people often love to play around with tarot cards and runes to have a sneak peek of how the future will be. But deep down in our human intuition, we have that gut feeling that makes us truly have psychic abilities.

There are people who believe that they can receive messages from the other side, while the rest don’t believe about the afterlife. Regardless of what you believe, there are people who have claimed to see premonitions of things that have not happened yet.

Those who have had these premonitions have shared their experience on different platforms and some in some of the best physics books, from stories that will shock your clairvoyance capacities, to vivid visions and feelings.

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Here are the top five psychic stories that we collected from the internet and from the best physics books.

A plane crash


“One night, I dreamt that I was on a plane and the pilot was communicating to the passengers about the situation that he was handling. Strange enough, I could see the cockpit window, and I saw the plane’s nose pointing to the ground as the plane dived in free fall.

The plan was silent for the most part but before impact, everyone in the plane started to scream and I woke up when the plane hit the ground. I had never dreamt of a plane crash before. I woke up and shared the dream with a friend who brushed it off.

The next day, I read in the news about a German airlines crash that happened in the mountains. I felt quite odd in the stomach, but my friends told me that it was just a coincidence.”

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The Dream Guy


“One night, I dreamt about a guy who I had never met before. He was my friend because I felt close to him in my dream.

Right outside my town, I stood in a park looking over the town, and I had a note on my hand that had the words, ‘I want you to meet someone, meet me at the pub.’

I realized that I was still in my PJ’s. As much as I thought of going home to change, I decided to run towards the pub, but it was too late. I saw my friend walking out with a friend of mine who we studied in the same high school.

Eight months later, I had the same dream, but this time around, when I looked down, I saw a trolley man who stopped me while I was running towards the pub. The trolley man could not let me move no matter how much I tried; he blocked my way. The two guys left again.

Six months later, I met the guy I was to meet at the dream pub in person. It was shocking.”

The Haunted Basement


I have never bothered much about the psychic world, but my brother has had his fair share of some psychic abilities. We now both believe that our basement has a spirit. My brother used to tell me that he was being watched by a small girl on occasion. My brother used to sense her presence on the opposite side of the basement. He always shared with me what he had seen, no one else knew about what he saw.

A few months later, we had some friends over our house and we went drinking at the basement. As we were watching hockey games on cable, one of my friends asked if our basement was haunted. He continued to say that he had a feeling that a girl was peeking from the opposite side of where we were seated. My brother turned pale, and I was shocked that my brother and our friend shared the same presence, even though they had never spoken about it. We all got freaked out and went to continue watching the movie upstairs.

The girl and the truck


One time when I was taking a walk at the local park, I saw a girl who was about five years old walking with her mom in the park. As they were crossing the street, the girl was hit by a truck. The next day while as I was watching the Tv, I saw the same street, the same park, and the same little girl walking with her mom.

As I watched them, I saw a truck coming to hit her, but before she got hit, I saw someone who looked exactly like me pushing her to safety.

Tv episode premonition


I experience this every day. Whenever I go out to relax or eat on a normal day, I tend to think of an event that should happen in an episode of a movie or a Tv show. When I head home later on, as I tune into that episode or watch that movie, I see the event I was thinking about it earlier on.


There are people who like psychic powers and would spend a lot of their time trying to improve their intuition. In case you have a problem with some intuitions or you would like to improve your psychic abilities, it is advisable to visit a certified hypnotist to help you go through what you have experienced, or give you some tips on how to improve your psychic skills.