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Psychology has experienced a great growth in the last two decades. Today, psychology is present in many other fields: education, sports, forensics, etc. It is why studying psychology degree Singapore has become crucial. The world is transforming at a dizzying pace, and so has the workplace context. As a consequence, many institutions are offering post-university programs that help students to better integrate with the demand of the new field of work.

A wide range of post-university training in Psychology

These programs cover the necessary theoretical and practical aspects of both recent graduates and professionals with extensive experience. And provide the opportunity to acquire the skills required for more efficient professional performance. In this article, you will find a list of the best graduate degrees in psychology that will help you become a better psychologist and specialize in a certain field of this discipline with the maximum guarantees.

Master in General Health Psychology

This Master is ideal for students to improve their practical skills and confidence and self-confidence, which helps them develop and perfect their own psychotherapeutic style. The role of the psychology professional fits within a multidisciplinary team made up of other professionals, and their presence is of vital importance in critical events, such as disasters, warfare, accidents, catastrophes, epidemics, etc.

 Master in Psychosocial Intervention in Situations of Crisis, Emergencies and Catastrophes

Managing stress during natural disasters is undoubtedly an interesting topic that many psychologists would like to delve into. This post-university training is unique and allows you to acquire the necessary skills to carry out good professional work in this field, where the figure of the psychologist is essential. Some of the functions that these much-needed psychologists perform are: psychological first aid, intervention in bereavement situations or group therapeutic intervention for evacuees, etc.

Master’s Degree in Family and Couples Therapy for Health Professionals

From the systemic approach, reality is seen from a holistic and integrating perspective. But, what matters are the relationships and the components that emerge from them. This approach has a great weight in family and couples therapy, since it has proven to be very effective for intervention in problems that originate in the family environment. The possibility of this postgraduate degree is that students can learn the theoretical framework of Systemic Family Therapy, its techniques and instruments of intervention and its main applications in family and couple conflicts.

Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology

The sports psychology has been gaining ground in recent years and is increasingly integrated into the practice of physical activity and sport. One of the most successful courses, a postgraduate training has many practical resources. The fundamental objective of the program is to train qualified specialists who can intervene effectively in the sports field.

University Expert in Forensic Psychological Criminal Expertise

In the world of psychology not everything is related to clinical psychology and psychotherapy. There are other fields of application such as Forensic Psychology, one of the branches of psychology that studies and intervenes in the judicial processes. Within this area is criminal psychological expertise, which requires specific assessment instruments and / or techniques.