Daniel Thompson April 27, 2019

There are way too many bad stories about devious, miserly landlords who are raking in inflated rents for cramped and dirty accommodations. In all fairness, it’s probably a case of the minority spoiling it for the majority.

Nevertheless, good accommodation is an essential element in the university experience. A place to feel comfortable, to work, eat and sleep; indeed a veritable ‘home from home’.

And so it is very important to ensure that your son or daughter has a good start in university life. Old fashion ‘landlady’ digs are undoubtedly still available but maybe not too roomy and probably some distance from the university itself.

  • The number one ‘digs’ option

The more popular and sensible option is to rent costumed built accommodation designed specifically with students in mind. Rooms that are situated within easy distance of the university and all its facilities, especially the bar.

A space perhaps with a shower, kitchenette, cosy bed and adequate power points and work tops. Also, effective central heating and double glazing would be nice. In essence, a convivial atmosphere for relaxation, reflection and perhaps a little subdued revelry.

Most universities have bespoke living accommodation within a reasonable walking or bus distance of the campus; thus allowing easy access to libraries, community centres, lecture theatres and ‘refreshment’ facilities.

It is also desirable for students to reside within a reasonable distance of the university’s home town or city. Now the hard working student can reward herself with shopping trips, sightseeing, film screenings and the odd burger … with gherkins.

  • What’s the student accommodation like in the Southampton and Portsmouth?

Excellent! And that’s an undeniable truth. There’s probably no better university/student ‘digs’ anywhere in the country! Beautifully designed studio apartments with all the facilities and amenities a student could ever desire.

All accommodations have a wonderfully peaceful ambience with a study desk and essential living amenities. The apartments come in a range of sizes to suit all needs and budgets.

Should you wish to share with a partner or a friend, no problem; there’s an accommodation that will accommodate!

And what’s more, these upmarket ‘digs’ are within striking distance of the university bar … and other facilities.

Furthermore, there’s an on-the-door opportunity to indulge in the ambiance of the two historic cities, Southampton and Portsmouth! Wonderful scenery and beautiful architecture … with the odd bar thrown in.

  • Allocated a place at Portsmouth or Southampton?

Should you be that lucky then go immediately to the UNILIFE website; here you will find the accommodation your efforts deserve!

Accommodation that’s second to none. Beautifully presented apartments, lovingly managed and maintained. And, to make life easier, all overheads, including electricity, heating, refuse disposal etc. are all included in the fee!

Your son, your daughter have the opportunity to live in a home form home; get in quick! Demand is always high, many leave it too late and, sadly, end up disappointed and disadvantaged.

Reserve your premiere student accommodation now!