Kimberly Stephens April 4, 2019

Schools are like a second home and family for our kids. Moving into a new one is definitely a life experience that can bring a lot of sadness and adjustment for the most part especially if the child made a lot of memories in the past school. At times when changing school is a necessary one for the family, parents are in the best position to accompany and facilitate this change of environment for their children. Here are some tips for families in preparing their children to grow wherever they will be planted next.

Take a tour of the new school

It would be better for your child to see the school grounds even before his or her first day. Familiarize your child with the new school and bring him or her to familiar grounds similar to the old school such as the playground.

Be familiar with the new directions

In case your child walks going to school, make sure they know the route. Prepare them beforehand with the new surroundings and directions.

Talk to your child about the new school

Your child may take it easily or not in adjusting. You can find out about that by talking to your child about his or her new experiences and not just the typical “how-are-you-I-am-fine” type of conversation. Private school Los Gatos promote parental involvement in laying the foundation of a Christ-oriented education in morals and academics.

Visit old friends

Moving into a new school does not always have to mean cutting off any past relationships especially with other children and friends your child had a good relationship with. You can regularly set up a reunion with them frequently or at least every now and then so that your child wouldn’t take the new environment traumatically.

Have neighborhood get-togethers

If you moved into a new school by moving into a new neighborhood, it’s best to familiarize your whole family with the neighbors as a chance, especially for your child to get to know other kids around the block. That way, they can have early friends to be with while adjusting.

Repeat first day of school traditions

Man is a ritual being. For this reason, it is important, especially for young kids to be familiar with the new school with traditions familiar to him or her with the old one. This could mean accompanying your child on the first day or by giving a special lunch with a special note they can appreciate. Don’t give them a note that will make them homesick. Encourage them on in your note.

Bear the changes with your child

No one in the family should bear a problem alone. If your child experiences loneliness with the changes while adjusting, let him or her feel and know that you are there to bear it with them. Make time to spend a date together. private schools Los Gatos advocate for a holistic approach to a child including the family life at home.

Meet the guidance counselor

It helps if a person has a regular counselor to run to and getting to know the guidance counselor at school is a good start. They are normally the ones whom your child can run to in times of trouble while in school. Los Gatos private school has a holistic approach from a Christ-oriented view of the world and life which could be the kind of help your child would need through the different phases of life.

Get your child involved

Idleness is the best way for more problems to sink in and grow. Keep your child busy by getting him or her involved with other people of their age in school and in the neighborhood for holistic growth.

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